A therapeutic day school designed to meet the
developmental, academic, and social/emotional needs of children and adolescents.

Programs & Services


In accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA), PHILLIPS School~Fairfax’s educational and counseling staff in partnership with the student (where appropriate) and their family, work with their Local Education Agency (LEA) and community professionals to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) designed to meet the student’s academic, social/emotional, and behavioral needs. Each student benefits from this team-oriented approach.



Counseling is an integral part of a student’s program at PHILLIPS School~Fairfax, and our experienced and dedicated counselors are all licensed mental health professionals. All of our students receive weekly individual counseling sessions to address issues that are impacting their education. Counselors are also available to meet with students who are experiencing a crisis or feel they need additional support in order to focus on their academics. Counselors help students to develop positive coping and problem-solving skills, and to learn how to express their feelings appropriately. Parents/guardians meet with counselors on a regular basis to discuss the student’s progress in the program, and to address possible parental concerns for student behavior at home.

PHILLIPS School~Fairfax presents a social and life skills curriculum in a group setting; introducing concepts such as honesty, conflict resolution, communication skills, problem solving, self-care, self-reliance, self-discipline, and dependability, as well as a work readiness curriculum that focuses on pre-vocational skills.

Behavior Management


PHILLIPS School~Fairfax’s Behavior Management Program is a positive reinforcement system. The educational, counseling, and behavioral staff work together as a team to assist students in learning and exhibiting appropriate school-related behaviors. Students are encouraged to take responsibility and ownership of their actions as they grow towards becoming self-sufficient and productive individuals.

PHILLIPS School~Fairfax uses a Level and Point system to track student progress and reward positive behaviors. Students can earn up to 100 points per day, and can progress through five levels during the course of the school year. Earning points allows students to advance in the level system, which in turn earns them special privileges and rewards. Ultimately, students can graduate to off-level status, making them a role model in our community.

Being a role model at PHILLIPS School~Fairfax means supporting other students in their behavioral goals, and never engaging in bullying. We strive to provide an environment where our students feel safe physically and emotionally, and to foster a positive learning experience free of bullying.

Academic Instruction


PHILLIPS School~Fairfax’s comprehensive academic instruction is designed to meet the expectations of the Virginia Standards of Learning and Common Core Standards.

Elementary, Middle, and High School (Grades 9-12) English

Elementary and Middle School Math, Personal and Financial Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

Elementary School Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics

Social Studies
Elementary School Social Studies, Virginia Studies, US History to 1865, US History 1865 to Present, Civics & Economics, World History/Geography I, World History/ Geography II, US/VA History, D.C. History, US Government

Elementary and Middle School, Health/PE 9 and Health/PE 10

Elementary and Middle School Art, High School Art I and High School Art II

Economics & Personal Finance
High School (Grades 9-12)

Drama, Psychology, Social Skills I & II, Child Development, Sociology, Senior Post-Graduation Skills, Music Appreciation, Computer Information Systems, Keyboarding, Spanish I, II, III

Extra-Curricular Groups
Dance, Choir, Student Government, Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, and Newspaper

Related Services


Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Social Emotional Behavioral Therapy services are provided in accordance with the student’s IEP.



Students graduating from PHILLIPS School~Fairfax receive a high school diploma issued by their LEA. The coursework offered is designed to meet the Virginia and District of Columbia high school requirements for earning a diploma. Students who reside in Virginia can earn an Advanced Studies Diploma, Standard Diploma, or Modified Standard Diploma (the Modified Standard Diploma option is only available to students who entered the 9th grade for the first time before or during school year 2012-2013).

State standardized assessments are administered in accordance to the student’s IEP. For students from Virginia LEAs, PHILLIPS School~Fairfax administers the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments. For students from the District of Columbia, PHILLIPS School~Fairfax administers the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of College and Careers).

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